The Nature of Guitar
The Nature of Guitar

by Pat Martino

Pat's video 'The Nature of Guitar' is available through True Fire.

    The Open Road (Documentary)
    Live at Ethel's Place (Performance)

        Available from: Phil Fallo Productions

    Creative Force, Parts 1 & 2  (Instructional)
    Quantum Guitar: Analysis of a Tune &  Advanced Concepts (Instructional)

        From REH Videos;  also available as books from CMP Publishing.



 Here and Now
Here and Now!

by Pat Martino and Bill Milkowski.

Now available! Pat Martino's autobiography 'Here And Now', published by Backbeat Books. This collaboration between Pat Martino and Bill Milkowski (the author of 'Jaco') covers a wide range of Pat's personal experiences and perspectives. It includes extensive interviews with quite a number of major guitarists, as well as photographs and graphics. This book will be a valuable addition to any music library!

The book is currently available at Amazon.

 Archtop Guitars
Archtop Guitars

by Rudy Pensa and Vincent Ricardel (photographer).

Pat wrote one of the forwards to this book.
There are two links to the book's details:  Vincent Ricardel website and the book's dedicated Archtop Guitars website.

 Virtuoso Photo
The Virtuoso

by Ken Carbone, Ashton Applewhite, Howard Schatz (Photographer) and Frank Deford

Pat has been included as the guitarist among 6 other musicians including saxophonist James Carter; harmonica player Toots Thielemans and vibraphonist Gary Burton. The book contains 39 other artists in every field, the likes of dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, boxer Muhammad Ali, comedian Robin Williams, soccer player Pele, paleontologist Steven Jay Gould and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro.

Available from Amazon, where it has a five star customer rating!


    Pat Martino

by Pat Martino

"Pat Martino reveals his favorite single-note passages: improvising over ii-V-I and other common progressions; melodic minor, Dorian, chromatic, and other scales; passing tones, tritone substitution, and dominant seventh arpeggios; and more." - Hal Leonard website

Available from Hal Leonard

     Linear Expressions (book and CD)

by Pat Martino

"Legendary guitarist Pat Martino shares his personal formula for chord conversions with you. This uniquely simple system allows you to think melody, not theory. Amply illustrated with some of Pat's favorite lines." - Hal Leonard website

Available from Hal Leonard

 Pat Photo
The Best of Pat Martino

by Wolf Marshall

"Pat Martino learned how to play superb jazz guitar twice; he emerged as a powerful musical force in the '60s, playing pro at age 15, then had to relearn everything after brain surgery in 1980 caused him to forget how to play. With this book/CD pack, you can learn the trademark riffs, solos and compositions of this remarkable modern jazz guitar virtuoso. Features in-depth explorations of 14 works: All Blues * Along Came Betty * Blue in Green * Nefertiti * Oleo * Road Song * Stone Blue * The Visit * and more. "

Available from Hal Leonard,

    Pat Martino "The Early Years"

by Steve Khan

"Pat Martino is clearly one of the most important figures in jazz guitar. Influencing scores of musician and players. Steve Khan, a significant player in his own right transcribed 16 of Pat's solos giving jazz students an incredible learning tool. Includes Steve's analysis of Pat's style, and a bio-sketch of both guitarists." - Play Jazz website

Available from Play Jazz

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